Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Golden Rule of Deleting a 'Cannot Delete File error' file in WinXp

Press CNTRL ALT DEL to go to windows task manager
2 - Select the process called "explorer.exe" and right click and end this process.
3 - You will get a blank desktop with only the windows task manager running.
4 - Click top left menu; File > New task (Run...)
5 - A window opens for you to select the new task, click
6 - A browse window opens. Make sure that you change the selection: "Files of types" from 'Programs' to 'All files'
7 - Then Browse to the folder and file that you want to delete. Select it and press delete. You should be able to delete it now.(unless it is a persistent primary windows system file)

8 - once deleted, go browse to c:windowsexplorer and open it.
You should be returned to where you were in the first place. Happy deleting.

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